Material: Loess, Jesmonite, Rice Straw, Charcoal
Collaboration Work with Labcrete

Stool: Ø320 x 440mm
Object: Various Dimensions
Loess series is one of our attempt to expand the usage and meaning of the material which have been used in Korea. Loess has been regarded as a traditional material within Korean culture for a long time. Since the past time, this material has been used for building walls and floors in architect. More over, It was also well known as not only a natural dyeing ingredient, pottery and roof tiles, but also improving the quality of the soil. Based on Loess’s feature, which taken from nature, it has various beneficial effects such as humidity control, temperature retention, and electromagnetic absorption. So, it is famous for beneficial material to the human body. However, by changing of environment in modern society, using loess is gradually declining in recent days.

Originally, in terms of architectural aspect, rice straw and wood, stone, and soil have been used together with loess. This combination of natural materials can makes them more stronger and lighter weight themselves relatively. Inspired from the Loess’s features and the brilliant methods of treatment, we would like to expand the usage and meaning of the material once again by focusing on the warm and cozy aesthetic of the material.

Loess Series